150 years

of tradition and innovation


First engine room

Based on William Lindley’s design, the first waterworks in Pest is built in the current location of the Parliament. We count the establishment of Budapest Waterworks from here.


Kőbánya reservoir

The reservoir of the first waterworks in Pest it was built by Italian masters. The two-storey high twin reservoir can store a total of 23 000 m3 water.


János Wein

As the first director of Budapest Waterworks, he establishes the natural way of water filtration by using the gravel bed of the Danube, which ensures Budapest’s water supply today.


Construction of the Main Water Treatment Plant

One of Europe's most up-to-date and beautiful waterworks is built in Káposztásmegyer on the left bank of the Danube.


Mihály Kajlinger

He becomes the second director of Budapest Waterworks. Completes the construction of the Main Water Treatment Plant and introduces water metering on the consumer side.


Margitsziget water tower

One of Budapest’s most beautiful
water towers is designed by Szilárd Zielinski.
The spectacular water tower is the
symbol of Budapest Waterworks.



Steam engine powered pumps are replaced by bringing the more reliable electro-motors to water production.


Pipe tunnel to Szentendre Island

Two accessible pipe tunnels are built under the Danube to connect the northern water resources to the capital city.


Water supply during the war

Despite the difficulties, the water supply is continuous in the besieged capital. During repair of pipe breaks 22 workers of Budapest Waterworks lost their lives in the city that turned into a battlefield.


Special horizontal wells

High yield special horizontal wells are built on Szentendre and Csepel Islands that ensure the majority of Budapest’s water supply.


Gruber reservoir

The 2x 40.000 m3 capacity reservoir is built on the Gellért Hill. Due to the special shape of the reservoirs, the water flows continuously, thus avoiding the deterioration of water quality.


Central Building

The new headquarters of Budapest Waterworks is inaugurated including the fourteen-storey high office building and the associated worker’s hostel.


Csepel water tower

Hungary’s highest water tower, the 73 m tall, “striped” Csepel water tower is built.


Pipe-laying on Nagykörút

The replacement of the more than 100 years old main pressure pipe is taking place between Podmaniczky utca and Rákóczi út. Along with this the tram track and the pavement are also renewed.



The Company is partially privatized. 25 percent plus one share of Budapest Waterworks goes into the ownership of the French Suez Lyonnaise des Eaux and the German RWE Aqua GmbH investor consortium.


Beginning of international missions

Our mobile water purification unit provides assistance in the tsunami stricken Sri Lanka. Based on the experiences gained here our foreign missionary activity becomes regular.


International engagement

By auditing the waterworks of Nizhny Novgorod in Russia, Budapest Waterworks enters the international scene.


Budafok water tower

Special features of the newly built water tower are the horseshoe-shaped body and the asymmetric cup.



The Municipality of Budapest repurchases the share package from the foreign investors and Budapest Waterworks becomes 100 percent municipality-owned.
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Budapest Central Wastewater Treatment Plant

Budapest Waterworks becomes the operator of the largest water treatment plant in Central Europe.


ReWater – Drinking water
from purified wastewater

Budapest Waterworks’ and Pureco’s jointly developed mobile water purifying unit wins the innovation award of Budapest Water Summit.


Water Treatment Plants in Sri Lanka

The reconstruction of the water treatment plants in Labugama and Kalatuwawa is successfully completed.


International recognition

Budapest Waterworks receives the “Gold Standard for Utility Performance” at the Global Water Summit in Madrid and is inducted into the “Leading Utilities of the World”.
Budapest Waterworks receives the “Gold Standard for Utility Performance” at the Global Water Summit in Madrid.