Budapest Waterworks, with its one and
a half century history, is one of the
leading water utility service providers
in Central Eastern Europe. During the
Company’s long history tens of thousands
of people have worked here and have created
tremendous value. Our Company pays particular
attention to conducting its operations using
the most sophisticated technologies
and devices.

Drinking water

5 380 km water network
1 million m3 daily capacity
766 wells
2 water treatment plants


550 km sewer network
94 million m3/year treatment
370 000 m3 daily capacity
7 wastewater treatment plants


2 360 000 people served


140 million USD total revenue (2016)
82 million USD – potable water
27 million USD – wastewater
31 million USD

Key Competencies

Planning, Design and Construction

Our Company surveys the requirements of the task and the
partner’s capability. Based on the collected information
we plan and construct the technologically, operationally
and commercially optimal waterworks facility or equipment.

Operations and Maintenance Services

Through 150 years of operation, we are in possession of all
general and technical knowledge required to operate a modern
waterworks. Our Company uses the industry’s most advanced
technologies, integrated and further developed by our
experienced and highly trained engineers.

Business Consulting Services

Budapest Waterworks has gone through a significant transformation
over the last decades – from an urban drinking water provider we
became a large regional company with international references.
We are ready to share the wide range of experience gained during
this process with our partners facing similar challenges.

Engineering Services

Our Company has introduced, developed and applied a number
of leading technologies during its day-to-day operation.

Mobile Water Purification Systems

We are able to supply the population with healthy potable water:

  • in emergency situations (floods, tsunamis)
  • in remote areas
  • during operational failures

from any water or wastewater source.

Our Company has been developing and manufacturing mobile
purification systems for several years.

Our International

Our philosophy is that the best solutions always
come from those aligned with and tailored to the
particular location. In the course of our assignments,
we select the technology most suitable for local circumstances at
all times.

Major References


  • Completed technical audit
  • Mid-term development programme

Client: Tirana Water Supply and
Sewerage Utility (UKT)


  • Electronic workforce management
    system implementation
  • IT strategy, Implementation and quality assurance
    of an IT development

Client: Azersu OJSC


  • Efficiency improving audit (water
    production, network operation, customer
    service activities and water quality)

Client: Fengxian Waterworks, Shanghai


  • Water treatment units
    in 34 locations on Sumatra,
    Java and Sulawesi

Client: Indonesian Ministry of Public
Utilities and Housing


  • Capacity development

Client: Subotica Waterworks,
UN Habitat, GWOPA

Sri Lanka

  • Reconstruction works and capacity
    enlargement of two water treatment
    plants in Labugama and Kalatuwawa

Client: National Water Supply and
Drainage Board (NWSDB)

South-East Europe

  • Consulting services, capacity building
    and targeted interventions to achieve
    commercial efficiency

Client: IAWD – World Bank


  • Fully automated, remote-controlled
    mobile water purification equipment
    for the Yayladagi refugee camp

Client: Disaster and Emergency
Management Authority of Turkey